Tips to Develop Unforgettable Characters

There is no question why character development is one of the most focal points of a novel. Characters are the main factor that creates a bond with the readers. Readers can connect and relate to your story through the eyes of your readers. In other words, they are the ones that give life to the world you’ve created. If you are an avid reader, you know how much you feel for the characters. They give you a reason why you should finish a book. What will happen to the main character? Will they prevail. All these questions are rooted in your connection to the characters.

Every successful author has made sure to focus on developing their characters, making their books popular. Cyberbrain: Guardian Angel by Benoit Blanchard is the sequel of his Cyberbrain series. Aside from its fresh narrative, these science-fiction thriller books are a great example of compelling character development. If you want to earn some strategies in this aspect, you should definitely check this out. Nevertheless, if you just want to read a book that’s full of adventures, this should be the number one book on your list.

If you are in the process of writing a fiction book and you want to know some techniques on how you can successfully come up with unforgettable characters, read on:

Create a Background Story for Every Significant Character

Every character is significant; however, there are ones that can really capture the heart of the readers. It is given that the main characters are likable, but you should also focus on highlighting the others. For some reason, most readers tend to feel a certain connection with sidekicks. It can either be because they are funny, or they are relatable. If you are writing science fiction, you most likely will create a sidekick. Readers will surely crave to know more about these characters, so make sure to dedicate a chapter or two that tales their background.

Don’t Be Afraid to Pull Out Some Characters

Readers have different minds of their own. They will have a favorite character. However, if you think that killing off these characters will make a better narrative, then don’t hold back. Even if you say that this character is your personal favorite, you should still do it. One way or another, this will make an entryway for the readers to know more about the book. This technique will serve as a shocking conflict as it fuels tension. Most readers, especially the fans of crime, mystery, or even science fiction, crave tension most. If you are writing for those, you should definitely make way for this point in your storyline.

Provide All Characters Strong and Unique Personalities

Unforgettable characters have personality traits that can stick through the readers’ minds. You want this for your book as this will be a factor that makes readers remember you and your narrative for the rest of their lives. You must also not forget to give your protagonists some flaws. If they appear perfect, then there’s no point in developing them. Always remember that the characters need to be relatable. To make this possible, you need to practice descriptive writing. Describe everything that each character posses. What makes them stand out? What makes them different? Practicing your descriptive writing will also affect another aspect of your storyline, such as the setting. You want to boost your readers’ imagination. Tell the readers what the characters see in their world. This includes the way they dress, look, mannerisms, and even their hair color.

Give Readers a Surprise

Generally, you don’t want your readers to predict your story. This means that the happenings between the character’s lives should be subverted. Surprises are an amazing way to keep your readers engaged. Give it to them through your characters. When the events of your story are too stable, they will likely not want to pay attention anymore.

All in all, you can never be at fault when you try and apply measures that can improve your writing skills. Fiction writing can take a lot of work, but it all will be worth it once your readers give you praise. May the points above guide you to have a smooth writing process.






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