The Remarkable Benefits of Reading Science Fiction

The thing that makes sci-fi unique from other genres is that it uses partially true science theories in the narrative. Thus, if you decide to read one, you can expect a myriad of benefits—from knowledge and wisdom to cognitive skills. Because this genre is usually time-sensitive, there will be tons of tension and consequential scenes.

Sci-fi speculates how life might be different if there was a technological revolution in the future. Much like fantasy, it imagines alternate worlds with convincingly consistent laws and structures, set aside in some way from the ordinary or familiar reality of our time and place. Seems like an exciting genre to get into? If you haven’t started reading any sci-fi novel just yet, this blog will surely make you want to grab one. Here are some of the mind-blowing and surprising benefits of reading this genre:

It Nourishes Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence is widely acknowledged as a vital trait that aids communication, management, problem-solving, and interpersonal interactions. That is why it is something that everyone should work on. Reading sci-fi or reading fiction, in general, helps you with this immensely. As we read, we tend to put our feet into the lives of the characters. This is when we learn to develop a sense of empathy and emotional intelligence. Make sure that what you are reading is captivating and has trapped you in the world that the author has created. This way, you are engulfed in what you are reading. To get into this state, one book to check out is Benoit Blanchard’s book on mind control called Cyberbrain. This narrative is a breath of fresh air to all sci-fi enthusiasts as it is composed of a unique storyline.

It Makes You Smarter

Memory, analytical thinking skills, vocabulary—they are only a few aspects that make sci-fi readers smarter. It touches a lot more cognitively. If smarter implies having a broader vocabulary and more understanding of the world, then yes, sci-fi makes you a lot smarter. Many people who read more show higher levels of intellect than those who don’t. Why? Because reading is the number one productive leisure activity. This goes to show that because you’ll enjoy it so much, you will not notice that you are actually gaining substantially out of it. Reading, especially a narrative like sci-fi, improves language comprehension, expands one’s vocabulary, and increases brain activity.

It Makes You Learn to Focus

Focus is critical because it serves as the entryway to all other types of thinking: perception, memory, learning, reasoning, problem-solving, and decision making. In other words, all areas of your capacity to think will deteriorate if you are unable to focus. When you are reading, you want to grasp and assimilate information. Hence, it would be best if you devoted your whole attention to the words on the page. This is how your focus is refined when you get fully immersed in a book.

It Allows You to Think Outside the Box

Creative thinking—together with critical thinking—is a crucial talent. It allows you to look at issues and situations in new ways. Reading sci-fi novels will introduce you to new concepts, making you open your mind to new ideas and understanding of new things. It allows the words to depict a specific image while the reader manipulates the image in their minds to cultivate imagination. Many even believe that this genre is the source of new inventions. Literature, especially fiction, is indeed one of the best ways to foster one’s imagination.

It Releases All Stress

Sometimes, we get so caught up in all the chaos in our own little bubble. That is why it is best to steer away from it momentarily. Many people would even take breaks and vacations to new places. However, avid fiction readers or bookworms have their own little way of taking a breather. They read books. Reading books, especially fiction, engages the intellect and imagination completely. Any activity with reflective elements in which the brain is entirely concentrated on a single goal has been shown to lower stress and improve relaxation.

With all of these advantages, there is no question that reading science fiction is the monarch of leisure activities.

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