Imagine a world without thought where its citizens depend on a Mother Brain to do all the thinking. Something like Benoit Blanchard’s Cyberbrain: Guardian Angel but even much harsher. Where even the very thought of autonomy is forbidden. Imagine a world where everything is regulated, from work to rest, even to the minute details of relief. It would be an ideal world for some.

We do have traces of such control. Just look at the Book of Judges in the Bible. According to it, Israel was nothing but chaos, and everyone did as they pleased before it had a King to rule over it. And there is a point. Without these laws, humanity was nothing but a bunch of people struggling to survive. Laws had to be erected for humanity to grow above ordinary beasts that roam the land. Laws had to be erected so that civilization could stand.

However, it seems that laws, which are just a partial control of humanity’s free will, are not enough. Even with laws in place, death and disease are still rampant. Countries still wage pointless wars because of petty differences in beliefs. Who suffers in these wars? It isn’t the old men who start these disputes but the woman and children whose nations are called into it. Wouldn’t it be nice if these differences did not exist? If these people had the same thought, then there would have been no squabble and, by extension, no war, and suffering.

So a world without thought would be a peaceful world. It would be a utopia where everyone is fair, and nobody gets left behind. It would be a world marked with an order, not chaos. It would be a world where everyone is accounted for. It would be a world with no use for beliefs because beliefs do not matter.

However, it would be a boring world. It would be a world without progress. It would be a stagnant, sanitized world.

Imagine a world without thought. It would be a world with such monotony. It would be a world without excitement, for any excitement is cause for chaos. In a world without thought, order always prevails, and chaos is nothing but evil that needs to be vanquished.

A world without thought would be stuck to where it was when it stopped thinking. For it has ceased to be innovative and original. It has ceased to think outside the norm and therefore lacks pursuits of higher aspirations.

 A world without thought would be impractical. It would fail at the first mention of a problem it hasn’t encountered before. Because it stopped trying to advance humanity, it would be ill-equipped to face emergencies and advanced issues.

 Another impracticality in a world without thought that only blindly follows one leader would be the crisis that is brought upon when that said leader perishes. What then for that world that needs a head to function. Will it cease to function?

And that is if that world is blessed with a benevolent leader. What of a leader that seeks only what’s best for one and not for all? What of a leader whose philosophy is just “all for one” and forgets the second part? Would that be sustainable? How long until greed takes over and the people needed to make things work are neglected? 

A world without thought that disregards chaos and considers it as something to be avoided will fail to learn lessons gleaned from it. Despite often being misrepresented as evil, Chaos actually has something to teach humanity. It is through chaos that we learn how to deal with problems. It is through chaos that we get new ideas. It is through chaos that we learn to advance as a race.

Despite the chaos and the lack of complete order in a world with conflicting thoughts, civilization was still able to advance. If the world we lived in had abandoned thought for peace and order, we would not be here right now.

Gone will be the things we currently enjoy. Gone will be the color and texture that defines humanity. Gone will be the music we hear.

Imagine a world without thought in a world without thought.

You can’t.

You would not be able to.

Because you cannot think.

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